Future ~ Livestream Donation Concert

xaviermusicofficial ~ Instagram Live

Hello everyone! I will be doing a livestream concert to seek donations to fund my upcoming music video. It will be Friday Nov, 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM CST. I will be posting two crowdsourcing links later in the weekend if you are interested in donating. First, here’s a little bit more info on the project: “Break My Own Heart” a song composed and performed by Puerto Rican artist, Xavier Bernazard, will receive its featured length music video, set to premiere January of 2021. The project is being developed and produced between Puerto Rico and the United States, by various Puerto Rican independent artists, and directed by filmmaker, Alej Torres. The video portrays the narrative of the toxic relationship of Anton and Jayden, played by actors Jorge Alexander and Luis Torres. Throughout the video we see how their relationship begins, how it grows, and how it ends. The song exemplifies that sometimes love isn’t enough. As the title conveys, when faced with unrequited love, in order to find your peace, you must break your own heart. The project seeks to normalize relationships in the LGBTQIA+ community in Puerto Rico. The media frequently portrays the struggle of searching for acceptance in coming out, but seldom exemplifies the struggles of queer relationships. In this video we aim to show the progression of two ill-suited people falling in love. We appreciate any sort of support you can offer for this upcoming video, whether it be a donation or just spreading the word out! It’s paramount to show real scenarios of queer relationships and continue to normalize them.